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Ofan plus

Ofan plus

Acidic sanitary cleaner

Acidic sanitary cleaner, free of hydrochloric acid and phosphoric acid. Mild – no damage to specific materials (sanitary armatures). Dissolves soiling of rust and urine. Selected surfactants give the product high efficiency to remove lime soaps, fatty residues and other soilings in the field of sanitary and bath rooms. "RK" listed – means published in the list of the the association of the german society for bathing (this means: Save to use in the field of swimming baths for cleaning ceramic tiles and joints without damage). Proofed and certified.

Art.-No. size per box per pallet dosage pH-value
3470 1 l PE-bottle 10 360 25 ml per 5 l of water 0,7
3469 10 l PE-can - 60 25 ml per 5 l of water 0,7
3468 1 barrel - 2 25 ml per 5 l of water 0,7