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Reinigungplan für die Unterhaltsreinigung

Very practical, such a plan



We also offer our customers a free service drawing up an individual cleaning plan for maintenance cleaning, specially adapted to the property you need to clean.

A cleaning plan is a valuable aid that makes the work of cleaning staff easier. Clear, precise instructions on where to use suitable products and how to use them correctly and in the right amount, as well as safety guidelines, all ensure cleaning work is carried out quickly and properly.

Model Cleaning Plans

Cleaning Plan: Hotel PDF [843 KB] » DOWNLOAD
Cleaning Plan: Swimming Pool PDF [822 KB] » DOWNLOAD
Cleaning Plan: Office building PDF [894 KB] » DOWNLOAD

We create cleaning plans according to the desires of the customer and the conditions in the property; for example, we can include maps of the relevant premises, adapt the texts to the individual application, and even add the logo of the service provider or the property manager. In addition, the general colour scheme (blue, green, red) helps cleaning tasks for surfaces, floor areas, or sanitary facilities to be identified quickly. Close dialogue between our expert consultants and those responsible for cleaning work is always the right way to achieve an optimum result in the form of a cleaning plan.

A cleaning plan means cleaning chemicals will be used in a sensible and economically efficient way, which saves money and resources and protects employees.

Simply talk to your responsible FALA expert consultant and contact the FALA plant directly.

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