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Arinex Gel

Arinex Gel

Powerful toilet as well as basic bath and washroom cleaner

Arinex Gel is an acid heavy duty toilet cleaner for the thorough removal of limescale and other mineral deposits, rust, uric scale as well as greasy organic dirt. The cleaning efficiency is increased by the gel-like consistency and the associated optimum adhesion, especially on vertical surfaces. Arinex Gel therefore works to optimum effect, as it can be left on the surface for around ten minutes and thoroughly soaks it.

The extremely acid cleaner is used to professionally clean acid resistant ceramic sanitary ware surfaces, stainless steel, glass or tiles, above all to clean toilet bowls and urinals in bath- and washrooms, but also to clean wash basins and sink units, shower screens and cubicle walls.

Art.-No. size per box per pallet dosage pH-value
3536 1 l PE-bottle 10 360 use undiluted 0,5-1,5