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Surface disinfectant for all common surfaces; liquid concentrate

Suitable for the disinfection and cleaning of floorings and other waterproof surfaces. Falasept is virucidal, yeasticidal and to a limited extent virucidal. Effective against all enveloped viruses (corona, influenza, HBV etc.) and against rotavirus and norovirus.
Falasept is pH-neutral and has a high material compatibility so it is suitable for use on plexiglass, anodized aluminum, linoleum, PVC and other surfaces. Free from fragrance and colouring agents!

Dosage table

Efficacy against Concentration


Enveloped viruses,
limited virucidity (RKI)

3,0 %
7,5 %
15 min.
1 min.

Non-enveloped viruses, virucidity against
rota virus (RKI/DVV)
noro virus (EN 14476)

0,25 %
6,0 %

1 min.
30 min.

Bactericidal, low load
(EN 13697)

2,0 % 5 min.

Bactericidal, high load
(EN 1276)

3,0 % 5 min.

Yeasticidal, effective against
yeasts (EN 13697)

1,5 % 15 Min.

Frequency of application: 1 – 2x per day or according to the current hygienic standards.

For application in commercial areas including food business, e. g. communal facilities, nursing homes, gyms, solariums, food processing facilities, canteen kitchens ant others.

Art.-No. Packaging per box per palett pH-value
3744 1 l PE-Bottle 10 360 7,0
3745 10 l PE-Canister - 60 7,0