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Ready-to-use multi-purpose cleaner; heavy duty cleaner for garages and industrial environments

Nirol is a very powerful, versatile multi-purpose cleaner that removes even stubborn dirt such as grease and lubricants, lapping oils, protein, paint pigments, soot, everyday stains and workplace dirt quickly and efficiently from alkali resistant surfaces (e.g. plastic, stainless steel, other metals, glass, ceramics, tiles, alkali resistant natural stones and so on). As it is a good degreaser, Nirol is ideal for garages and industrial environments. The cleaner prevents new dirt from building up and does not harm the materials. A special additive prevents the corrosion of anodised aluminium (confirmed by an independent testing laboratory). It also efficiently removes ingrained dirt from plastic materials after soaking (1-2 minutes). Nirol can also be used to remove extreme dirt from smaller floor areas (e.g. tiled or synthetic floors). Free from fragrance substances and colourings.

Apply Nirol to surface, spread with a cloth or a brush, leave to soak and then work into the surface with a microfibre cloth, brush or similar. Thoroughly rinse off with clear water. Leave to soak for up to ten minutes on very dirty surfaces. Product must not dry out.

Before use, ensure that the cleaner does not harm the material, e.g. by applying some to an inconspicuous area.

Art.-No. size per box per pallet dosage pH-value
2362 500 ml spray bottle 6 456 use undiluted 9,5-10,5