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Traditionelle Reinigungs- und Pflegeprodukte aus alten Zeiten

Tradition at FALA


Grown from Experience

The history of the FALA plant in Isernhagen began at the start of the 20th century. The issue of production has always been the focus of all business considerations and decisions.

After the FALA trademark was registered and indemnified, the plant began manufacturing dust-binding agents, dust eradicators, and dust prevention agents, as well as solvent products such as wax pastes, floor polish, and similar products.

The brand quickly made a name for itself on the market with its dust-binging agents. The name FALANIN is still a guarantee of high-quality sweeping agents today.

The business took courage from its success. It was decided to pursue new routes and add new products to the range. The surfactant chemicals sector thus became increasingly important. In the company's own laboratories, qualified employees set to work developing water-based products. They created cleaning and care products for the demanding professional sector. The aim was to quickly fulfil the considerably higher product requirements through fast, successful research and improvement of raw materials. Concentrates and high concentrates were specially developed to meet user requirements, manufactured, and brought onto the market to support the ever increasing demands of building cleaners in Germany.

The range of products grew constantly, as did the development and production requirements. The FALA plant had to be relocated from Hannover to Isernhagen. Thus, a new production plant, a new laboratory, storage areas, and offices were built.

The aim was to get new developments ready to be launched on the market to set and serve new trends. It was only a short time before the production and storage area was expanded. These developments emphasised the purposeful, forward-looking approach of the FALA plant.

Today, the company is certified and, with its complete range of cleaning and care products, has extensive know-how in the commercial large area cleaning sector.